A Wedding Album: Should You Print Your Wedding Photos?

May 5, 2022

We are currently living in a time where more photos are being taken than ever before. Not only is it more common to have a shoot for every phase of your life, we now have our phones in hand to document every single moment of our lives. Most of us have the ability to take photos whenever and wherever. We will snap the photo, maybe post it to a social platform or two, and then forget about it. You might accidentally happen upon it during a random scroll through your photos, but most are never seen again. This is exactly what I want you to avoid with your wedding photos. Let’s chat about why I think a wedding album is one of the most valuable but underrated parts of wedding photography.

If there is anything life has taught me, especially after becoming a wife and a mom, it’s that moments are fleeting. We need to soak up any and all moments and make the most of them. Whether that is taking a second to take in your wedding day or taking a moment to slow down and be present with your child. Life is short, don’t take any moment for granted. 

A Wedding Album: Should You Print Your Wedding Photos?

Where Does the Time Go?

Since having my daughter, I find myself wondering where all the time went. It feels like just yesterday my partner and I were getting married. Now we have a gorgeous, vivacious four year old! I remember the day Livia was born like yesterday. Watching her grow right in front of my eyes has left me wanting to bottle every moment so I can come back and visit it any time I feel like she’s growing up too fast. 

When Livia was born, I made a special album just for her. I included portraits of every member of our extended family and close friends. I wanted her to be able to get to know our friends and family from all over the world even if we didn’t get to see them that often. It was super important to me that she be able to have her own bond with them, even if it was just from printed photos and stories. Every so often, we will pull out the album and I will tell her stories about every photo and person. It lights my heart to share these stories with her, and I always feel her excitement when we snuggle up together to talk about these stories of all the people in our lives. 

I highly highly value printed photos and there is nothing in the world like holding a photograph in your hand to relive a moment and a memory. My goal during my time with any of my clients, especially wedding couples, is to capture memories. I want you to look back on your photos 10, 20, even 50 years from now and be able to feel every emotion you had in that exact moment. When you print out your photos into a wedding album, it makes those emotions and memories even more real. Holding a wedding photo in your hand is like holding a memory in your hand. Printing out your photos makes them like tangible memories.

A Wedding Album: Should You Print Your Wedding Photos?

Picture This

I know what you are going to say though, “Kirsten, I have all the photos on my phone so what do I need a wedding album for? Why should I print the photos? Isn’t digital good enough?” First off, let me tell you… Having your images in print is a powerful thing!

Secondly, picture this. You sit down with your grandkids one day and want to show them your wedding photos to share some memories and tokens of wisdom with them. You have to pull out your IPhone and go photo by photo swiping right and left. Got that image in your head? Okay now picture this. Your grandkid runs up to you with a book in hand wanting you to sit with them and look through it. It’s your wedding album. They sit on your lap or snuggle up next to you and you get to turn each page and relive core memories with your grandchildren. Which one feels better? No need to answer that, because I already know.

A Wedding Album: Should You Print Your Wedding Photos?

So Digital or Print?

Digital and print both hold their own value, but printed photos and albums (especially wedding albums) are one of the most underrated forms of photography.

You can have both and I encourage you to do so. But don’t place all your photos, especially your wedding photos, in one (digital) basket. Here’s why…

Prints are forever; Online galleries are not forever.

Photos are a work of art.

Weddings tell a story.

The power of touch.

A Wedding Album: Should You Print Your Wedding Photos?

Print Your Wedding Album

I hope this convinced you to print your photos, and print your wedding photos into a wedding album. It is a must-do in my book because there is nothing in the world like holding a core memory in your hands. This all being said, your photos should be backed up in multiple places in case of tragedy. BUT I cannot recommend enough for you to get a wedding album after your wedding!

If you are a past client of mine and want your photos printed or a wedding album printed, let me know! I would be more than happy to make one for you. If you are more of a DIYer this is my favorite site for making them yourself. Looking for a wedding photographer to capture your memories and then create a wedding album for you? Let’s chat!